Our Team
2021-2022 Executive Board
Madelyn Vilker
Vice President of Finance
Katie Haghighi
Vice President of Communications

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing, International Business

Certificates: Gender and Women’s Studies and Spanish

Madelyn has been a member of MKT since her freshman year. She began as a Sales and Promotions Committee member, then moved into the Director of Inventory role to aid in the creation of the new WSB storefront. She will now serve as the President, and is excited to create ample professional development and enriching social events. Madelyn also interns at the Social Justice Hub and is the Director of Videography at Moda Magazine. Her favorite part of MKT is obtaining real-life business skills from her fellow members and panelists, especially at the Ice Cream Socials.


Year: Senior

Major: Marketing, International Business

Certificate: Chinese Language

Katie has been a member of MKT since her sophomore year. She joined the consulting committee her first semester in the organization and she felt so welcomed. Katie served as the VP of Finance her Junior year during the pandemic and is excited to take on the same role as we return to in-person. Her favorite part of MKT is networking with industry professionals and making new friends. 


Year: Junior

Major: Marketing

Certificate: Digital Studies

Cassie has been a member of MKT since her freshman year. She began her involvement her second semester as the Director of Member Relations and held the position for three semesters. She has since become the VP of Communications. In this role, Cassie is responsible for updating the website and creating and sending emails to all members about events and professional opportunities. She also oversees the communications committee. Her favorite part of MKT is helping to curate the best variety of bi-weekly guests that come to speak about marketing, the workplace, and hold workshops for MKT members.



Vice President of Sales & Promotion
Yueran Zhao

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing

Certificate: Chinese Professional Communication

Yueran joined MKT her sophomore year during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to network with marketing and other business majors within the WSB. She now holds the position of VP of Sales and Promotions where she is responsible for managing the Wisconsin School of Business Store as well as helping to introduce new products. Outside of MKT, Yueran is a supervisor at the Sellery Hall desk and is the Diversity and Inclusion chair of Delta Sigma Pi as well as the Director of Client Relations for the Advertising Club. Her favorite part of MKT is having the opportunity to gain more professional insight into not only the marketing world, but the business world as well.


Vice President of Consulting
Vice President of Networking & Events
Allie Huhtala

Year: Junior 

Major: Marketing, Economics

Maddie has been a member of MKT since her freshman year. She was a member of the Consulting Committee for two semesters during her sophomore year. As the VP of Consulting, Maddie will create a consulting project that provides real marketing experience for the committee members and builds relationships with small businesses in Madison. Outside of MKT, Maddie is actively involved as a Badger Volunteer. Her favorite part of MKT is listening to guest speakers and the opportunities for professional development.  



Year: Junior 

Major: Marketing, Supply Chain Management

Allie joined MKT her freshman year where she was a member of the Networking and Events Committee both semesters. Allie served as the VP of Networking and Events for a semester her sophomore year and is excited to continue and improve the role for another year. Allie is in charge of communicating with guest speakers and planning socials. Allie is looking forward to meetings in person where members of MKT can make long-lasting connections. Her favorite part of MKT is hearing from a variety of guest speakers who give her insight on life after college. 


Fall 2022 Directors
Director of Member Relations

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing, International Business

Certificate: Spanish


Marley has been in MKT since the fall of her freshman year. As a freshman, she served as Director of Sponsorship and as a sophomore served as VP of Communications. This fall as Director of Member Relations, Marley will be responsible for keeping track of members’ points, responding to emails, and being a point of contact for members. Her favorite part of MKT is meeting members and learning more about business and internship opportunities from MKT’s wide variety of speakers.



Director of Social Media

Year: Junior

Major: Communication Arts and Psychology

Certificate: Business

Melanie has been a member of MKT since her first semester of freshman year. During her sophomore year she was on the Social Media and Communications Committee and has recently been upgraded to Director of Social Media. She is very excited to have meetings in person this year and be able to promote all of the fun things MKT has to offer on our social media pages. During the summer, Melanie was the Social Media and Marketing Intern for a Machine Shop in Appleton. Her favorite part of MKT is the food provided at meetings and getting to hear about potential job opportunities in the Marketing field. 


Director of Inventory
Amira Elsafy

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing, Real Estate

Certificate: Theatre and Drama

Amira recently joined MKT in the Spring of 2021. After one semester with the organization she jumped at the opportunity to be on the Executive Board. Amira is also a member of the Women in Real Estate club and will be the Director of Member Relations in the fall. Her favorite part of MKT is connecting with the incredible professionals and learning about fun facets of marketing.In the upcoming semester, she is particularly excited to expand sales of WSB merchandise by maximizing the Pop-up shop and developing the online store, not to mention, be with everyone in person!


Director of Sponsorship

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Marketing, International Business

Calvin became a member of MKT freshman year during the Covid-19 pandemic. He didn’t get to experience the club at its full potential but is looking forward to it while being the new Director of Sponsorship. Calvin is also involved with a couple other organizations on campus such as Fantasy Sports & Finance Club and Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. He enjoyed the flexibility of MKT and how you can experience/connect with various organizations with different niches all under the umbrella of marketing.