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Our Team
Spring 2023 Executive Board
Amira Elsafy 
Vice President of Finance
Allie Huhtala
Vice President of Communications
Melanie Spencer

Year: Senior

Major: Consumer Behavior and Marketplace Studies

Certificate: Business, Theatre 

Amira began with MKT in the spring of her sophomore year and after her first GMM, she knew immediately that she wanted to become further involved. In the fall of her junior year, Amira served as the Director of Inventory and loved being on the back-end of Wisconsin School of Business merchandise. She is excited to assume the role of President and continue to provide students with incredible events and speakers. Additionally, she aims for members to foster a greater sense of community within the organization, and to expand WSB merch capabilities. Outside of MKT, Amira is a Brand Communications Intern at Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove and is a tour guide on campus! Her favorite part of MKT throughout the past two years remains watching incredible speakers and being inspired by their work.

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing, Supply Chain Management 

Allie joined MKT the first semester of her freshman year and served on the Networking & Events Committee for two semesters. She then stepped into the role of VP of Networking & Events for her second semester of sophomore year where she continued the role throughout her junior year. Allie took away many skills and valuable lessons through that position and is excited to take on the new challenges and responsibilities of VP of Finance. Outside of MKT, Allie works at the Student Activity Center as a front desk receptionist and worked as a Logistics Intern at TMC Transportation this past summer. Over the years, Allie’s favorite part of MKT has been meeting new people, networking with Marketing professionals like Nike’s Senior Director of Marketing Deb Friedman, and vetting/trying local Madison restaurants for our GMMs and events! Allie is looking forward to hearing from new companies, collabing with more clubs in the WSB on events, and continuing to expand the reach of MKT.

Vice President of Sales & Promotion
Carson Lipinski
Vice President of Consulting
Emma Lenz

Year: Senior

Major: Communication Arts, Psychology

Certificate: Business 

Melanie has been a member of MKT since the first semester of her freshman year. During her sophomore year, she was on the Social Media and Communications Committee and during the fall semester of her junior year, she was the Director of Social Media. Now, she has been the Vice President of Communications since the spring semester of her junior year and is excited to finish out her time in MKT with this role. Her favorite thing about MKT is learning about all the different areas and careers in marketing along with promoting all of the fun things MKT has to offer. Outside of MKT, Melanie works at UHS, is a waitress, and has been the Social Media and Marketing Intern at A to Z Machine in Appleton, WI for the past year.

Vice President of Networking & Events
Skylar Rotter

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing

Certificate: Graphic Design, Sports Communication 

Carson started with MKT as a consulting committee member both semesters of his freshman year and is thrilled to be taking on a more involved role this year as the Vice President of Sales & Promotion. Among all that MKT has to offer, he most enjoys the networking aspects of the organization, as he has an outlet to “geek out” about the latest happenings in the marketing world. He has experience across many fields—he has worked as a restaurant manager, a graphic designer, a marketing/media manager, an editing intern, and most recently as a full-time music director and counselor. Carson can’t wait to see the B-school dripped out in all the new merchandise this year!

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Marketing, International Business

Certificate: Global Health 

Emma first joined MKT during the fall semester of her Freshman year and was on the Consulting Committee for both the fall and spring semesters. She then stepped into the VP of Consulting for this upcoming year and could not be more excited. Her favorite memory from MKT thus far, is definitely the ice cream social before winter break, because who doesn’t love ice cream! Outside of MKT she works as a server and is involved in multiple other Wisconsin student organizations. Emma is looking forward to working with MKT this semester and making this year a great one!

Year: Junior 

Major: Marketing, Supply Chain Management

Certificate: Graphic Design 

Skylar joined MKT her sophomore year where she served as the Director of Member Relations during the spring semester. Now, she is the Vice President of Networking & Events going into her junior year. Skylar’s favorite part of MKT is hearing from various marketing professionals, her favorite was the Senior Director of Marketing from Nike. Skylar’s main goal is to help members feel like they are a part of a close-knit community within MKT. Outside of MKT, Skylar serves as the Vice President of Event Planning for Business Badger Professional and works as a Marketing Intern for U.S. Venture. Skylar is looking forward to a great year with new and exciting events planned!

Vice President of Diversity & Equity Inclusion 
Hayley Javoroski 

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing

Certificate: Digital Studies 


Hayley has been a member of MKT since the first semester of her freshman year when she took part in the Networking and Events Committee. She enjoyed being a part of the behind-the-scenes of the club and is very excited to continue her leadership experience by being the VP of Diversity and Equity Inclusion! Outside of MKT, Hayley works as a server and loves to teach dance. Her favorite part about MKT is being able to meet new people at the meetings, many of whom share the same interests. Hayley is looking forward to diversifying MKT to the best of her ability, creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, as well as talking to new speakers for the club and making new friends.

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 10.38.51 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 10.39.57 AM.png
Director of Member Relations
Director of Inventory

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing, Management

Certificate: Digital Studies

Nicole joined MKT during Fall 2022 as a member of the Consulting Committee. She is excited to work as Director of Member Relations, where she will help members with any questions they have. MKT has made a huge impact on Nicole because it has helped her connect with marketing professors, other marketing students, and potential future employers. Outside of MKT, Nicole works for RecWell as a gym supervisor and a mental health advocate/coach. She also interns for the Digital Studies department as a Communications Intern. After graduating this May, Nicole will be moving to Minneapolis to work at Ovative Group as a Digital Marketing and Measurement Analyst. She loves talking about career paths if anyone is ever in need of some advice.


Year: Junior

Major: Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Evan joined MKT during his Sophomore year and has enjoyed every meeting since. Having been a general member for over a year and gaining valuable experience from speakers both during and outside of meetings, he is excited to give back to the organization. As Director of Inventory, he looks forward to boosting the efficiency of the WSB store and contributing to the Sales and Promotions Committee. This semester Evan will be participating in the Creative Destruction Lab student program at UW Madison alongside the startup Rapid Radicals Technology to create and implement an industrial-oriented marketing strategy. Outside of school Evan serves part-time as a Corporal in the Wisconsin Army National Guard and is an Adult Leader in his hometown Boy Scout Troop.

Director of Social Media
Eli Zaretsky

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing, Finance

Eli joined MKT in the fall semester of 2022, quickly becoming involved by joining the Social Media Committee. As a committee member, he was able to utilize his graphic design skills to display MKT Instagram content in creative ways. Now, he is looking forward to starting as Director of Social Media in Spring 2023. He will use his content creation skills and knowledge of Adobe programs to teach and lead fellow committee members. His favorite thing about MKT is gaining new perspectives from other marketing students. Outside of MKT, Eli interns as a multimedia designer for the School of Education.
Director of Sponsorship

Year: Junior

Major: Consumer Behavior and Marketplace Studies

Certificate: Business

This will be Ava’s fourth semester as a member of MKT. Last semester, Ava served as the Director of Member Relations and is excited to be the Director of Sponsorship. She is looking forward to being a leader of a committee and bringing new ideas to the position. Ava’s favorite part of MKT is getting the opportunity to connect and learn from marketing professionals as well as attending social events. Some of her favorite social events were cup night at Nitty Gritty and the Coca-Cola case competition. Outside of MKT, Ava serves as the Vice President for Circle K International and is a receptionist at the Administrative Transformation Program. On the weekends, she works with the Wisconsin Men’s Hockey team as an assistant video coordinator. Ava is looking forward to the upcoming semester with new speakers and the Chicago trip! 

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