*President and Vp positions have a term of 1 year

*Directors have a term of 1 semester 

*Applications due: TBD


  • Create executive board agendas

  • Communicate with executive board through bi-weekly meetings and email communication

  • Participate in UBC meetings held by the business school

  • Professionally communicate with members of the WSB community

  • Lead all General Member Meetings

  • Create presentations for General Member Meetings

  • Construct a semester calendar consisting of important events

  • Director of Member Relations direct contact

  • Act as a bridge between executive board members and general and committee members

  • Oversee committee activities

  • React quickly to change and unforeseen events

  • Strong adaptability and leadership skills


VP of Communications

  • Send out weekly emails to the club about upcoming events, news, and internship opportunities

  • Keep the website updated with the latest pictures and upcoming events

  • Supervise the Director of Social Media with weekly check-in meetings

  • Must be familiar with Wix website platform and MailChimp


VP of Consulting

  • Create semester or year-long marketing consulting project for committee

  • Maintain strong relationship with client

  • Facilitate weekly Consulting Committee meetings

  • Create final presentation for client and/or club

  • Send progress to VP of Communications to showcase work on website and social media platforms

  • Strong time management and organization skills needed to keep project on time


VP of Finance

  • Maintain MKT budget

  • Track club spending and approve purchases

  • Secure additional funding through grants, fundraisers, and donations

  • Setup restaurant fundraisers

  • Adjust dues if necessary


VP of Networking & Events

  • Responsible for planning MKT events every other week (for a total of 7 events a semester)

  • Events must be a mix of employer presentations, community service events, professional development workshops, and social gatherings 

  • Events must be planned and posted on the website 2 weeks before the event

  • Send thank you letters/emails to guest speakers

  • Collaborate with the Vice President of Communications to ensure that the website and social media is updated

  • Plan end of semester banquets and end of the year Chicago trip


VP of Sales & Promotions

  • Plan dates for WSOB Pop Up Shop

  • Monitor sales and revenue from WSOB purchases

  • Keep WSOB store website up-to-date

  • Collaborate with VP of Finance to create sales goals

  • Monitor and follow legal restrictions 

  • Manage Director of Inventory and Sales & Promotions Committee

Director of Member Relations

  • Reports to the President and also follows the guidance of the VP of Communications.

  • Record member points, respond to all incoming mktmadison gmail emails, oversee member, committee, and executive applications

  • Play a vital role in the fall and spring org fairs


Director of Inventory

  • Maintain levels of inventory for WSOB store

  • Reorder items when necessary

  • Fulfill customer orders

  • Maintain good relationships with vendors


Director of Social Media

  • Reports to the VP of Communications with weekly check-in meetings

  • Runs Communications Committee and holds weekly committee meetings

  • Create social media content calendar and strategic plan

  • Approve all social posts from the Communications Committee

  • Stay up-to-date on social media trends and innovative ways to connect with members


Director of Sponsorship 

  • Reports to the VP of Finance and also works closely with the VP of Networking & Events

  • Responsible for communicating with the Wisconsin School of Business to find potential sponsors for MKT events

    • Sponsors assist in paying for food and any activities that occur at the event

  • Must complete sponsor forms prior to the event

  • Play a key role in planning the year end trip to Chicago