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General Members

Professional Growth

Learn the essentials of marketing from experienced industry professionals, expand your network, and so much more at our speaker events! From Nike to NorthWestern Mutual, MKT curates a wide variety of speakers to provide a window into marketing practices at successful companies across the world. 

Personal Growth

General Members are the heart and soul of MKT. In addition to providing excellent opportunities for networking and professional growth, MKT also supports the personal growth of its members through service opportunities, DEI learning events, and a new mentor-mentee program!


Being introduced this semester is a new mentorship program, designed to facilitate friendships and professional development. Each mentee will be grouped into a membership "family" led by mentors. Every other Wednesday during the normal social events, each family will engage in team-building exercises together. Not only does this provide students the chance to become closer, but it also demonstrates extra interest and commitment to MKT!

Mentor-mentee requirements: 

  • Attend 4/6 socials

  • Meet outside of the normal social times with mentor/mentee twice a semester




How to Become a Member 

Fill out the general member form at the start of each semester to be considered an official member of MKT,  join our email roster, and learn about MKT's opportunities. 

NOTE: When we are accepting general members, the form will open via the image above. Currently, the general member application is closed.  The GM form is only open for a few weeks in February and September for the following semesters. 


Pay dues each semester which contribute to food at every general member meeting, fun social events, an end-of-the-year Chicago trip, and more. Payment is accepted via Zelle or cash. Dues are $25 for one semester or $40 for the entire year. Instructions on how to pay are provided at meetings and via email. 

If you missed the deadline to become a general member and would like to receive email communications in future semesters, please fill out the MKT email interest form

Membership Requirements 

In addition to filling out the general member form and paying dues, all members must meet the below requirements to be considered a full-time member and be invited to our end-of-the-semester banquet. 


  • 4/6 general member meetings

  • 1 social or fundraiser 

  • 1 diversity and equity leadership event 

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